I am running for re-election for State Representative to be the conservative voice for the people of the 85th District.

It has truly been an honor to represent the people of the 85th House District throughout 2021. This first year has been quite busy, filled with learning experiences, meeting wonderful people, and helping pass meaningful legislation to protect the values of the people of Kentucky.

In addition, this year also had its challenges. Much of my summer was spent caring for my parents who succumbed to long-term illnesses.

I look forward to a bright 2022, and hope to meet many more of you in the months ahead.


Shane Baker
State Representative District 85

shane baker, getting conservative results.

Protecting Our Religious Freedoms

HR 92 – Affirming the religious freedom of all Kentuckians. (Primary Sponsor)

HB 43 – Declares all religious entities essential to ensure they are treated in the same manner as other essential organizations during times of emergency. (Primary Sponsor)

Fighting for the Unborn

HB 2 – Allows the Attorney General to seek injunctive relief as well as civil and criminal penalties to prevent, penalize, and remedy violations of KRS Chapter 216B relating to abortion facilities. (Co-Sponsor)

HB 3 – Prevents state dollars or federal bypass funds from being directly or indirectly used to fund abortions.  (Co-Sponsor)

HB 91 – A constitutional amendment clarifying that Kentucky’s Constitution does not secure or protect a right to abortion or funding for abortion. Kentuckians will vote on this constitutional amendment in 2022. (Co-Sponsor)

Supporting Military Families

HB 109 – The Uniform Deployed Custody and Visitation Act: This act puts procedures into place to protect and support military families and stop penalizing those who choose to serve our country. (Primary Sponsor)

Protecting Your Medical Freedom

HB 28 – Prohibits public employers from requiring employees and applicants from disclosing his or her immunization status. (Co-Sponsor)

HB 54 – Establishes workers’ compensation liability in instances where employers require vaccination against COVID-19 as a condition of employment and the employee develops an adverse reaction to the vaccine. (Co-Sponsor)

HB 112 – Prohibits required or coerced COVID-19 vaccination of a child without the consent of all parents, custodians, and guardians. (Primary Sponsor)

Stopping the Radical Left

HB 18 – Prohibits the teaching of Critical Race Theory in Kentucky’s public schools. (Co-Sponsor)

HB 23 – Prohibits male students from participating in girls’ athletics. (Co-Sponsor)

HB 253 – Prohibits the provision of or referral for gender transition procedures to any child under the age of 18 years. (Co-Sponsor)

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